B.A.S.S. Open #1 – Practice Day 1

After a short night of rest, I can’t wait to get out on the water.  After all, this is Amistad – Big Fish are all over the place.

Walking outside is a bit of a shocker.  The temperature is in the low 30’s and the wind is howling out of the North around 25 mph.  Bob and I uncover the boats and decide to head into the river to avoid the large swells on the main lake.

We make the 20 mile drive to the Box Canyon boat ramp.

After unloading and take a quick survey of the area, I decided to head up river to the large cove on the right.  The water temp is in the low 50’s and clear as bath water.  With the canyons all around you the wind is blowing in every direction and very chilly.

After several hours of trying different baits without a bite, I decide to head further in the creek.  Concentrating on the 45 degree banks I am still unable to get even what might seem like a bite.

Pulling into the back of one of the creeks I decide to sit and have lunch.  Lunch today consisted of a turkey and cheese wrap, with chips and a ‘ice cold’ diet coke.  Pretty sure that no ice was needed for the day, however the ice chest in my Skeeter is full of ice.

After lunch I ease out of the cove to found a good 60 degree bank with 15 ft of water on it.  There appears to be a ledge falling into about 50 ft of water.  At the edge of the ledge are a few standing pieces of timber.

I switch to a shakey head and almost immediately i get a bite.  After fishing for nearly 8 hours without one, I wasn’t sure that it was a bite.  I do the oh so typically last lift on the rod to almost have it pulled out of my hands.   I set the hook immediately only to come back without a tail to my shakey head.

After rigging up another bait, and making a few more cast i finally boat a keeper.  It wasn’t the 5 lb avg that I was looking for, but it was a keeper none the least.  These were the only two bites I had all day.


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