The weather forecast for day 2 is a bit better, well at least for the wind.  The temperature is still a bit cool, with a high today of 40.  This is unseasonably cold for this time of year.  Normal highs would be in the hi 60’s with the nights in the lower 50’s.

For day 2 Bob and I both decide to head up the devil’s arm of the lake.

For the first 2 hours I spend my time ideling around and graphing areas that should be holding fish.  Most of the fish that I was able to graph were on the drops around 60-70 feet.  Being from Oklahoma I often joke about the front locator being for show, as typically if my rod can’t touch the bottom I am in too deep of water.

I marked a couple of area that seemed to hold larger concentrations of fish on the graph.  My plan was to head up the devil’s river and check out one of the larger creeks on the right hand side.  On my way in I would graph my two areas again to see if the fish were still holding in the area and if they were, back off and try and catch a few.

After about a 15min boat ride I arrived at the large creek.  There were a very few docks and a bunch of house boats anchored in the middle of the creek.


I had decided I would throw a mixture of jerkbaits and my all time favorite, Carolina-Rig.  After hitting a couple of the subtle points I moved over to one of the more distinct points heading to the back of the creek.

After a few casts with my jerkbaits, I picked up the c-rigged lizard and started working the deeper side of the point.  As typical with pre-fishing for the Open, a couple of other boats arrived and were fishing around me.  I say typical, because it is next to impossible to get isolated in these events.  It seems no matter how far you run to try and get away from folks, someone else has the same idea.

About my third or fourth cast I had a pretty good hit on the lizard.  After looking around to see if I had any traffic, I decided to set the hook to see what size of fish was down there.  Keeper.  Not a big one but still a keeper and a promising start to my second day of pre-fishing.  The fish was around 2 1/2 – 3 lbs.  Knowing how my first day went I thought I might have something here.  I pretended to continue to fish the point, but was really graphing the area to see if this was an isolated fish or possibly a school.  As I moved around the long point I was able to graph a couple of schools.  I backed off and threw at one of the schools to immediately get another hit.  Setting the hook this time rewarded me with another fish about the same size.

At this point the mind starts to race.  Is this something that I could fish for two days trying to make the cut.  Maybe I cant catch a limit here by following the school around each day.  Decisions decisions.

I continue to head into the creek looking at a couple of other points back here.  I graphed and fished them but wasn’t able to see or get another bite.  To far back in the creek?  You never know this time of year.  After all, the water temp is in the high 40’s and I doubt the fish down here are really used to seeing it that cool this late.

I did find some basketball size rock on one side and decided to try my lake with a shakey head in the area.  After spending some time without a bite, and the sun starting to show, I decided this would be a good area to have a bite to eat and look at the map.

After lunch I started working my way back to the mouth of the creek, keeping an eye on the graph.  When i got back to my long point the two schools were still showing up.  They hadn’t moved much if at all.  I had spent close to 4 hours in the creek and getting back to the point and seeing the schools in the same area gave me a little more hope.  Backing off one more time and throwing the lizard to the area landed me another bite.  This time I had some traffic, so I decided to ignore the bite and try and shake off the fish.  Rumor has it that this will be an extremely tough tournament and a few fish might do you pretty good.

On my way out of the creek, I headed back to where I started the day to check on those two schools.  Yip you guessed it.  Nothing around.   Now both of these areas were a lot deeper and much closer to the channel.  By the way, the channel here was 135ft deep.

Back to the room I go and get ready for next day of practice.


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