FLW Costa Series – Sam Rayburn

This trip started off with a twist.  The night before  we left, I was informed that I needed to take my new boat to the tournament.  So this resulted in a quick pit stop in McAlester, OK at Nichol’s Marine to see Randy and to swop out boats.

After eating lunch with the crew at Nichol’s Marine, we started our journey to Jasper, Tx.

Arriving in Jasper a little after 8pm resulted in a quick checkin and unloading of the vehicles.  It was then when I figured out that I left my laptop back at the house.  No big deal other than not being able to update this blog until I get home.

After the long drive we decided to sleep in a bit.  Alarm went off at 6:30am and we started fumbling around to get ready to hit the lake.

Sundays practice was spent mostly at the lower end of the lake, spending most of the time in Bear creek.  I was able to catch a few fish today and get back into the swing of things.  Not having fished since late Oct of 2015, it was nice to stick a few fish.