2014 B.A.S.S. Open #1 – Amistad – Del Rio, Tx

The trip to Del Rio, Tx started off around 10am on Saturday Morning.  This event was pretty early in the year and as a result I had to borrow a boat to fish the event out of.   Brad’s Boat Sales was kind enough to loan me a 2013 Skeeter FX21 to fish the event with.

As I finished packing that morning I decided to load some items in my truck.  I had things over both shoulders as the garage door opened.  I pushed the remote to unlock the truck and started out into the drive way.  The next thing I new I was starring straight up at the sky.  Apparently the Oklahoma weather had changed just a bit and rewarded me with a nice layer of thin ice on the driveway.  Fortunately for me, I had a bag on each shoulder.  This probably kept me from extending an arm and getting hurt.

The only thing that was hurt was my pride.  A quick look around to see if any of my neighbors witnessed this walk of grace revealed that no one was outside at the time.  A great way to start a week long fishing trip.  I continued to load the truck and get things ready.

After getting everything loaded and the boat hooked up, I gave my trusty duck hunting companion one last hug good bye.  Bear is a 5 year old fox red lab that has been by my side for that last few years duck hunting.  He will be missed during this adventure, but will be taken care of by a good friend and my neighbor.

I arrived at the hotel around 10:30pm to meet my roommate for the week, Bob Fair.  Who as one my expect was already in bed after an adventurist day on Lake Amistad.  I put a few things in the room, hooked up the extension cord to the boat and was off to bed.


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